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In the bar at Claridges in London, meanwhile, hot water drinkers must pay £5.50 - the same price as for a cup of tea.

The reason for Mandelson's fondness for this soothing tonic remains a mystery - like so many things about the man.

The greatest doubted him and the other greatest pushed him.

In his 255th European Tour event and after a career afflicted by a genetic spine problem, the 36-year-old finally tasted victory in the Irish Open – and did it by four shots, with five birdies in his last seven holes.But lately EVERYONE seems to be ranting incessantly about something, and I didn’t want to be just one more cranky voice among the masses. The Chinese calendar may have denoted it the Year of the Horse, but let’s be honest. She was a media sensation, her fame culminating into its predictable conclusion: a truly horrible movie meant to cash in on all the fuss. Over the next few weeks, I will alert you to some of the best gifts available on the internets, beginning with my first selection, Forever Lazy: In the interest of full disclosure and giving credit where credit is due, I must share with you that this suggestion came to me from long time friend and sister-in-snark, Sarah via a series of text messages: So there you have it.Perfect Christmas gift Number One: A bedazzled Bingo Forever Lazy. Arguing is their love language, so I’m used to it.) In the short time I’ve been playing this game, I’ve gone from mostly horrible to slightly less horrible, surprising many of my opponents: I’ve also reconnected with some good friends who I don’t talk to as much anymore: Much of my education has been learning new words. I also don’t understand why one form of a word is allowable, while its other forms are not.Clearly, anyone who downloads a game app on their i Phone then stares at it for months hoping to ascertain how to play by sheer will rather than googling “How to play Words with Friends” is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Over the past two weeks, I have gained priceless knowledge about the inner workings of this game. There are certain words used in WWF that I dare say have never been uttered by human lips.No one really knows what they mean, and if you look them up in the dictionary, the definition most likely will say, “word used in Scrabble”.

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For those of you who used to read this blog back when people actually read blogs and not just snippets of information via social media, . ) 2014 was a mostly silent year for me on the writing front. Time to put the Christmas shopping rush into full gear.