Updating kitchen island

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Updating kitchen island

This creates a modern flat ceiling for the recessed lights.Remove the old lighting and install recessed lights inside the raised soffit ceiling.If your kitchen ceiling is flat, it probably has one or more light fixtures mounted to it’s surface. It involves removing the old fixtures, installing the recessed lights, and repairing any ceiling damage left over from the old light fixtures.If your home was built between the 1970’s and the 1990’s, you may have a soffit ceiling with a raised portion in the center.

Choose a color that compliments your cabinetry and blends with the surrounding rooms.

If you like to play it safe with color, consider choosing a neutral color for the walls and a fun bold accent color for your pantry door! Accessorize Never underestimate what a bowl of pears, a vase of flowers, or beautifully displayed plates can do for your kitchen! Place seasonal fruit in bowls as an accessory and healthy snack, or grow garden herbs in your kitchen windowsill.

Builder basic grade kitchens are a fact of life for many of us, but often need just a little decorative nudge to make make them more special.

This was built to accommodate fluorescent tube lights which are covered by plastic panels.

If this is your ceiling type, you have two options: Frame the soffit opening and cover it with drywall.

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Prior to my kitchen “remodel-rearranging” I had a u-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar.

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